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5 Tips to beautify your bathroom on a budget

Give your bathroom or powder room a ‘wow’ factor with these simple and inexpensive, DIY projects!

1. Make storage pretty – Use apothecary jars, mason jars or even crystal sugar bowls (found inexpensively at thrift shops!) to hold q-tips, cotton balls, hair ties and other necessities. Find a soap dispenser to match, or re-purpose one of the jars with a screw on nozzle and you’re on the right track! Not only do these serve their purpose of storage, but they add an instant visual appeal at the same time.

2. De-Clutter – It seems bathroom storage is always pushed to the maximum. Get hair dryers, straighteners and other odds and ends off of your counters by attaching magazine holders inside of cabinet doors. No more unsightly wires to get tangled!

3. Embellish Cabinets – A coat of paint will go a long way in changing the look of your cabinets (have laminate cabinets? No problem! Check out this DIY tutorial for painting instructions). If you want to go further, find molding to attach before you paint, or try using wallpaper inserts! Swapping out hardware is a fun way to make a dramatic difference as well, and since most bathrooms have few cabinets and drawers, it will also be inexpensive.

4. Frame your mirror – Add instant drama by framing your bathroom mirror. It’s as simple as buying thick molding and gluing it, or if you have the carpentry skills, make a real custom frame to hang on the wall. Bring your mirror dimensions to the hardware store and they’ll miter the edges for you. Paint in a metallic color for extra flair.

5. Replace your towel rack – Towel racks are useful, but not very visually appealing. Instead, hang a pretty coat rack, individual hooks, or even mounted door knobs for a quirkier look. Hang fresh towels to offset your new look!

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